Wintertime Tasting Room Staff Training

By Amanda Rivera  |  February 2, 2023  |  Back to RG Life

Wintertime Tasting Room Staff Training

For 2023, our winemaker Jonathan has begun a new tasting room staff training program consisting of weekly learning opportunities. The trainings are focused on highlighting the story of the brand, the cycle of the vine, the process of winemaking, and more! These trainings have also been a great time for our staff to ask and get answers to many of the most frequently asked wine-related questions from customers like you!

The most exciting part to share about these tasting room trainings is that each staff member is tending to their own section of vines out on the vineyard. Everyone will be responsible for pruning, tying down, attending to, harvesting, and ultimately caring for their own little block of incoming grapes. At the end of the season, we’re going to create our own special RGNY staff wine.

The last few weeks, the staff has been learning about pruning, which is our primary task during the dormancy stage of the vine cycle. This is where we cut back the previous year’s growth to allow a new vine to develop and grow. As the year unravels, they will be able to learn and experience firsthand the entire winemaking process from vine to bottle.

Wouldn’t we ALL like to learn how to make our own wine? It’s fun to work at RGNY!

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