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5 Years conquering new markets

Celebrating five years at North Fork, RGNY honors its Mexican heritage and the Rivero González family tradition through unwavering dedication to Quality, Innovation, Sustainability, and Community.

Our journey, beginning with the acquisition of Martha Clara Vineyards in 2019, has been marked by a commitment to excellence, sustainable practices, and deep community ties.

We aim to surpass expectations, marrying tradition with innovation in each bottle we produce.

As we toast to five years and beyond, we remain steadfast in our commitment to crafting exceptional wines and nurturing the legacy of Rivero González.

La Familia

Illustrated image of Maria Rivero, CEO of RG|NY Winery testing a batch of wine.

Rivero Gonzalez

Mexican Roots
Our family has cultivated the land of their vineyards in
Parras, Coahuila Mexico – the oldest wine growing region in the Americas – for 25 years.

We have a deep regard for our heritage and aim to continue our family’s wine making tradition and legacy on the North Fork.

Modern Tradition
A phrase that demonstrates our regard for both old world quality and the many advantages of new world innovation – a contradiction that we embrace to create harmony.

We are the Rivero González family – a family of wine makers who operate within our strong roots and fundamental brand values.

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